Hanneke Hoitink

Hanneke Hoitink (15-06-1968) worked in art education and creative fashion industry for 15 years as a teacher, stylist, design manager and recruiter before dedicating fully to yoga. She is sharing her life-experience and knowledge as a Kundalini Yoga-teacher and Business Yoga trainer.

Hanneke can help you remove layers to reveil who you truly are. She can guide you in your journey and help you explore and connect to yourself through physical excercises,  breathwork and meditation.

She will use and learn you the powerful techniques of Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

Her down to earth approach will give you practical tools to stay grounded, in balance and to experience the union of body, mind and soul. Hanneke is a motivator who can elevate and guide both individuals and teams to acknowledge, overcome or accept any obstacle.

Hanneke has completed all requirements of the International Teacher Training Level One in Kundalini Yoga in Australia and completed Level Two in Austria. Since 2023 she works also as a a BRTT® Body Remembers Trauma Therapy & TRB® Trauma Release Breathwork- facilitator.

She’s teaching daily classes online and in the studio, organizes one-day retreats and private classes/ one-on-one sessions. As a business yoga trainer she provides both workshops to teams as private sessions.

Her mission is to share her experience to create more awareness in work and daily life so people can be happy and healthy in their life and live from their fullest potential.