Kundalini Alchemy training

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of Kundalini Yoga to integrate the teachings in your daily life?

I’m proud to announce the NEW training Kundalini Alchemy -GANESHA- taught by my teachers Satmukh, Sat Sarbat and Fateh from Ajai Alai Awakening. This online training will start May 8 and end in December 2021 and is with a retreat in September in Turkey.

I will organise the study group for the Dutch participants so we can meet and practice together as well.

Kundalini Alchemy aims at sharing and integrating the Kundalini teachings in tune with the sensitivity, consciousness, and frequencies of the Aquarian Age.

Kundalini Alchemy brings together a team of seekers and experienced yoga trainers to offer kundalini trainings of a different scope. The main focus is apply and integrate the teachings in your daily life. It will as well deepen your experience and knowledge of Kundalini yoga. It enhances the individual growth in a collective dynamic and promotes self-qualification.

There is nowhere to reach and there is no one to become. We believe that we simply need to discover ourselves and take the responsibility for who we are. The inner teacher will reveal itself once we burn our false identities and are able to listen. If you believe that the validation of knowledge/experience through a certificate is obsolete, then this journey is for you.

More about the training, structure, options and prices on their website: https://3aaa-kundalini.com/kundalini-alchemy/

If you are interested, or if you have questions contact me: info@kundalini.amsterdam

Trust me its the best gift you can give to yourself and therefor to others. It’s a gift for life. I’m looking forward to start this journey with you!