Wind makes me sometimes anxious and restless. I’m clinging on to something or someone and I am afraid to move, to be blown away. My body feels tight, especially my shoulders and neck.

What do I need to let go off? That was the theme for this week’s full moon. After releasing, gaining more trust and a good night of sleep my body and mind have made a shift. I feel lighter. 

How do you relate to wind in spring?
Sometimes you can feel excitement when its windy, like a sailor or windsurfer. When you realize you need the wind to get from A to B. Without the wind you would be stuck in one place. You need the wind to expand and grow, like being pulled forward by a kite.

Feel the wind at your skin when you lay down in the grass.

EXPANSION is the movement of the season spring. It’s the time to clear any stagnation and anger from the physical and energetic bodies and build courage to move forward.
Excitement is temporally, it leads to expansion. Expansion is constant! …but not always easy. 
Expansion is killed by the sentence: ‘I know this already’, that’s a dead-end instead of a fresh start.

The lifecycle which is related to spring is childhood. Tap into your inner child. Have an open mind, the curiosity and innocence, the flexibility, the quick adaption. Allow yourself to grow, remove attachments that hold us back or habits that don’t serve us anymore. Bathe in nature and see, smell and listen to what spring is offering. Be surprised, every day. 
This month we’ve worked on strengthening the physical body and moved with great tension and power. The challenge is to go beyond physically and hold it with internal power. It means you have to WAIT before you give up and see what happens. EXPAND the experience. Notice it keeps on changing. Don’t hold it with stubbornness. Find a relaxed way to go through, don’t force it. 
When you are in the rhythm you can expand.